"KOSH is a Sanskrit word meaning compilation of knowledge. 
More so like a library for the purpose of preserving, sharing and comprehending; this compilation aims to uncover the fascinating mystic treasures of India. It forms a bridge that allows to delve into the depths of its culture,  decipher the meaning of its age old rituals and traditions and bring relevance to the legends around it. Kosh is a graphic journey through the heart of this ancient land. 
We begin with Festivals of India, the binding thread of the plethora of people, cultures, rituals, religions, tradition & celebrations.

Mantra - the vision

Kosh as a system aims to fulfill an intangible need to percolate, demystify & relive the stories, the festivals, the music, the rituals, and all that form the astounding fabric that is India !

Tantra - the mission

To design products that have a cohesive visual language, evolved from Indian forms, and have edifying information. To have an un-biased portrayal and invoke a cultural pride and identity.