February Springs !

The trees in jubilatory mode sprout flowers and are clothed in bright yellow blossoms. Vasanta Panchami – the beginning of spring, also marks the birthday of the pearly goddess of knowledge and learning- Saraswati. On the auspicious day of Saraswati Puja, children keep their books, musical instruments and stationery before the idols of the goddess to be blessed.

A source of all life, the warrior god races across the skies in a twelve wheeled chariot drawn by seven snow white stallions and turns toward the northern hemisphere. Marking the return of warmth, Ratha Saptami is celebrated by taking purificatory dips in water bodies and offering prayers to the Sun !

Festivals of February

Vasanta Panchami - 12  |   Saraswati Puja - 12  |  Rathasaptami - 14

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