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Parshuram Jayanti | Buddha poornima | Akshaya tritiya

An unforgiving sun, blazing skies and stifling heat keep India in a swoon as May rolls in. But never to be beaten down, the festive Indian battles the heat to celebrate a slew of festivals. Akshay Tritiya or Akha Teej leads the carnival. A blessed day of new beginnings - it is believed that Lord Vishnu - the cosmic preserver, blesses all new ventures and investments made on this day. Hindus are joined in their celebrations by the Jains who dedicate the celebrations to their first Tirthankara - Lord Rishabhanatha. 

The season seems to be a favourite of Lord Vishnu, for it is sprinkled with birthdays of various avatars. Magnificent Kurma - the celestial Tortoise who supports every noble endevour, awe inspiring Narasimha - The half man Half lion avatar, fearsome Parashurama - The axe wielding hermit who annihilated countless oppressive rulers and finally compassionate Lord Buddha - the great enlightened teacher. 

This month also marks the birthday of Goddess Sita - the beloved wife of Lord Rama along with those of various inspiring teachers and poets of India such as Ramanuja, Surdas and Rabindranath Tagore. 

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