The Month of Plenty !

This month marks the beginning of a new year for many states & religions ! The first month of Hindu calendar year 'Chaitra' sets on. With a deviation of few days many other New Years are celebrated including that of some neighboring countries Viz.

1. Bihu (North - East India)
2. Gudi padwa (Western India)
3. Ugadi (South India)
4. Cheti chand (Sindhi New year - North India)
5. Poila Boisakh(East India)
6. Pana Sankranti (East India), 
7. Jude Sheetal (East India)
8. Vaisakhi (North India)
9. Vishu (South India) 
10. Nepalese new year
11. Puthandu (Tamil new year)
12. Thai new year
13. Sinhalese new year(Sri-Lanka)
14. Chaitra Sukladi (North India)
15. Navreh (North India)
16. Sajibu Cheiraoba (North - East India)

Each New year carrying with itself a set of unique celebrations & rituals, not to forget the abundance of lip-smacking delicacies to go along with the season.

As the sun shines bright the days get hotter & longer, India prepares to combat & enjoy the sweltering heat of the Summer. 

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