The promise of life and well being - within and without/Onset of happiness, well being and wisdom

June sees a parched India pining for the loving showers of the monsoon. After reeling  under the tyranny of a blazing summer, India heaves a sigh of relief on seeing the first monsoon clouds rumble on the horizon. As distant thunder heralds the advent of life giving rains, the nation waits with bated breath to welcome the elephant like dark clouds lit with flashes of brilliant lightning.  

As rain drops drench the fields, rattle on roofs and wash away the dust of the cruel summer, the country celebrates Ganga Dussehra to mark the descent of Ganga from the heavens for the benefit of mankind. As the nation pays tribute to the much loved river, Indian wives honour the memory of Savitri - the perfect spouse who saved her husband from the clutches of death with her dedication and ingenuity. The month also witnesses the birth anniversary of Saint Kabir - a weaver of ideas and timeless couplets that speak of communal harmony, universal brotherhood and devotion to the one supreme reality that is beyond any religion or border. 



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