Parag N

Patient artist & meticulous designer is best note about Parag. A multifaceted artist with passion to paint & play with materials and an  animation designer from NID, Ahemdabad. He comes with an extensive & multifaceted experience of over 15 years.


Ashwin C

Work with artists heart & designers mind is best short description of software engg. by mistake & visual designer from IDC, IIT Mumbai, by choice. Bringing along over 13 yrs of diverse experience in creative industry.


Ishan P

A designer from Kolkata, loves all things Indian. With a deep interest in the history and culture of the country, Ishan's life mission is to infuse the grace and wisdom of India's traditional art forms in his visual language. When not reading a book, he loves spending time scouting for art and antiques.

Passionate Indians !


Three minds come together from 3 best design schools in India, share a common interest and passion about India & decide to present not only the visual culture but also the stories and the rich information in a concise yet complete way. KOSH is derived output of the common passion called Indian culture.

 Wearing our culture with pride ! - KOSH Tshirts - Diwali 2016

Wearing our culture with pride ! - KOSH Tshirts - Diwali 2016

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